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Smile-Changing Exercise

Smile-Changing Exercise

Unhappy with your smile, especially, after you have received a botulinum toxin injection? Follow my prescribed lip exercise and you will be amazed with the results…

Put pressure on the skin with your index finger right beneath or above your lip right on the area that you want to improve your lip movement. (In the picture below, it will be above – right where the lip is lower than the other side).

Use your right index finger if you are working on the left side of your lip and vice versa. Put a nice amount of pressure on the skin pushing the gum against your teeth. You will feel your lip hugging the side of your index finger like a petal of the flower hugging your finger. Finger should be next to the vermilion border and not on it. Open your mouth slightly, creating a gap between your upper and lower teeth…

Move your lip with the index finger fixed on the skin, using constant pressure against the teeth, up and down like you are brushing or polishing your teeth with your gums. Make sure that the lip does not move off your finger. Repeat a few times…

Voila! You will see your smile improve shortly thereafter… Repeat this exercise

Lips! Rejuvenated lips based on my lip aesthetic potential. Smart Lips!

often (two to three times a day), until you achieve your goal.

This doctor knows best! This exercise is an original creation by Ligaya Buchbinder, M.D.

Smart Lips!!! Your Signature Lips!!! It all lies in you!!!

Smart Lips!!! Your Signature Lips!!! It all lies in you!!!

Dr. Ligaya Buchbinder’s specialty is creating a Smart Approach to Beauty. She maximizes one’s aesthetic potential in a Natural Way — the Smart Approach to Beauty! She likes to look at her patient’s favorite photo, no matter how old that photo is, and creates her facial sculpting technique with modern fillers based on what she envisions as her patient’s rejuvenated appearance. The Rejuvenated Beauty she creates is based on her patient’s Individual and Unique Aesthetic Blueprint!!!

Lips!!! Rejuvenated lips based on my lip aesthetic potential. Smart Lips!!!

Crow’s feet or Bunny lines — Beware!

Bunny Lines

Our muscles of facial expression is a synchronized system that display our emotions and state of mind at any given moment. Yes, a few of us maybe “poker faced” and these lucky ones may never need Botox or similar products!

With the advent of modern advances in aesthetic science, we are able to temporarily “erase” those unwanted lines. However, our “emotional system” is like a water pipeline, and reacts like one. If we plug one or more areas, the pressure is diverted to the “open” areas. As we know, water flows to the areas of least resistance.

The Lesson: Let us think of the aftermath of every action. We need to cover the “bases” in order to avoid areas of disappointment. Either we do it all (or the most important areas) or really think hard about just doing a “little bit”. It boils down to priorities…



This is not a Mother & Daughter Photo!

This is not a Mother & Daughter Photo!

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You too can dip into this Fountain of Youth!

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